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Strt Fighter - Last Stand Strt Fighter - Last Stand

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not too bad

Clever dialogue and impeccable graphic similarity to street fighter makes this one of the best flash submissions i have seen in a long time. I'm glad this won't be the last of your Street Fighter vids.
On the downside however, it is a little too much on the short side- which is to be expected in such a series, but not this short.
I hope the surprise Batman appearance at the end will make for an epic sequel!

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KillerKandyKorn responds:

yeah it ended up short because i left it sit around for a while and then decided one day to pick it up and i knew if i didn't finish it quickly it may never have been finished as It is hard for me to hold interest in stuff. The appearance by batman will most likely end up becoming something awesome. I've already started thinking about it